We have changed positions and professions many times, from employee through manager to director.

We understand what you are facing.

Everything we teach, we have tested in practice on ourselves first and then with others.

We know that personal development can be a challenge.

We will help you combine the pleasant (social life) with the useful (development).

We offer a variety of price options to suit every budget.





Natalia deals with:

  • Career Coaching.
  • Soft skills development.
  • Supporting agile teams.

Its mission is to instill strategic thinking and develop people based on their natural potential.



Anna specializes in:

  • Building managerial competences.
  • Building highly effective teams.
  • Business coaching.
  • Business process optimization.
Its mission is to create in people the need for comprehensive development, through which they become fully responsible for their achievements.

At school, in college, we gained knowledge in management, economics, finance and marketing. But no one taught us how to work together, how to communicate effectively, how to conduct meetings or to solve problems.

Employers place great emphasis on these competencies in job advertisements. Just where to get soft skills if they don’t teach it in schools?

The answer is simple – you have to get them yourself 😊

Over the years and as our experience has grown, it has become apparent that, with such competence, we are able to change our roles in the organization very freely and quickly, acquiring only the necessary subject matter knowledge.

Based on our experience, we want to help you shorten your path to growth by:

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of future competencies in professional and private life
  • Support in planning your personal development
  • Equip you with the knowledge and tools to effectively build 4K competencies

Remember – you are responsible for your development!

If you are a student and…

  • you don’t have an idea for your first job
  • the chosen field of study proved to be misguided or…

You already have work experience and…

  • you are planning to open your first business
  • you want to gain new skills or…

You have no idea about your development….

…we are glad you came to us!

We can help you:

  • discover what gives you job satisfaction
  • assess the level of your current competence
  • understand the definitions of the professions that are or will be in vogue
  • build the competencies of the 4K future
  • tame the fear of change
  • build a plan to acquire the skills with which…

…you will get your dream job.

We focus our offerings around personal development and building the competencies of the future according to the 4K model:


about us

We respect you and your perspective. We value your experience, values, talents and potential.

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