Project role navigator

The Project Role Navigator is used to determine what role you occupy in the project. This can be a role from the area of Social Roles like Natural Leader or Contact Man. 

Perhaps our role falls into the area of Task Roles like Action Man or Perfectionist. It is possible that our behavior is close to Intellectual Roles. Maybe we are Sowers of Ideas, maybe Experts, maybe Judges. 

The tool can come in handy not only to define your role, but also to determine what roles other people on the project team are performing. The navigator also includes detailed role descriptions. In the description, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of a specific role, how to ensure the compatibility of this specific role with other roles, how to ensure an optimal working environment in the project so that this specific role will bring maximum value. The tool will also tell you how to manage a project team based on role diversity. How to act in such a team and what to avoid. We believe,  that our tool will contribute to the success of your projects.